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Tech Interview – Non-recursive Tree Traversal

In the previous part we extended the database structure and now it supports sub-directories. The algorithm that walks through the directory structure is based on recursive calls. Many times recursion results a nice program structure, but it also has its drawbacks. What if we want to process the data – like files from a directory […]

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Tech Interview – Refactoring V – Convention Based Factory

In the previous part we fixed the code which reads the Person instances from the datafiles. A part of this code was a Factory class based on a switch statement. This solution is ok, but when we add a new parser, we need to remember to add a new case block to the switch statement. […]

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Tech Interview – Refactoring IV – SOLID Refactor

In this part we are going to refactor the parsers and the factory method more, utilizing design patterns and the SOLID principles.

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