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Tech Interview – Refactoring III – Simple Refactor

In the previous part we looked over the MainWindow class and found some improvement points. Those were common mistakes with simple fix. We skipped a big switch block, because it needed more work, and today we are going to refactor that part. We will not refactor it to its final form, though, first, we just make it better. In a second blog post, we will improve the code more.

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Tech Interview – Refactoring II – Code Smells

In this part we are going to take a look at the source code and try to answer the question that usually sounds like “what problems can you see at first look” or “what do you dislike when you look at this code” or “how would you change the code to make it better”.

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Tech Interview – Refactoring I

In this series we are going to solve a programming test which was designed for interviews to see how a candidate can solve practical problems. During the test, we need to refactor and improve a small application.

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